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39 Reasons Why We’ll Help You Get Top Dollar For Your Traffic

Set Your Own Rates

We believe that you deserve to get paid what your traffic is worth. Therefore, you set the rate you want to be paid!

  • Low Traffic Fees
    We want you to keep as much of your sales as possible, so we keep our fees super low!
  • Adjustable Pricing
    If your traffic in high demand or requires some more attention, you can adjust the pricing in real time as much as $250 CPM / $10 CPC / $1,000,000 List Rentals.

Bi-Weekly Payments

Clixli pays its sellers via Paypal or bank wires on a bi-weekly basis. Just make sure you give us your W8/W9 documents and appropriate banking information, and we’ll take care of the rest for you!

Orders Come To YOU

No more worrying or hustling to generate business. With Clixli, you simply set up your listing, and wait for the orders to COME TO YOU. The best part is — the better your reputation gets, the more orders you get, and the more money you’ll make!

Accept/Decline Orders

Sometimes some offers won’t fit your list… so you can reject an order if necessary.

CPC / CPM / LR Allowed

Want to be paid on a CPC basis? CPM? Clixli can accommodate all forms of email traffic — and will work with you to help set this up for you.

Wide Audience of Niches

As the marketplace continues to grow, we continue to bring on more verified traffic providers from a wide spectrum of niches.

  • Top Industries
    Tap into thousands of buyers interested in traffic for Personal Development, Internet Marketing, Survival & Self-Preparedness & Diet/Health.
  • Growing Each Day
    We’re always growing & evolving! If you have traffic outside, we can help you monetize it by connecting partners to you!

Tracking Built-In

We provide extensive tracking within our platform to make it easy for you to track your open rates, clicks and conversions from each traffic order you make from the traffic providers on Clixli. All data is displayed live in real time, 24/7

Sell As Much As You Want

There is NO limit to how much traffic you can fulfill. If you have a big email list with a proven record of sending a lot of traffic, then we can help you with getting big buyers to purchase that traffic from you.

No Payment Worries

No more worrying about payment issues. We handle all the payment transactions from the customers for you - so your only worry is to simply send the traffic.

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