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About Clixli

Clixli is a software company that’s designed to empower online businesses to grow within their respective industries. Our vision was founded upon being able to create a unified social marketplace that facilitated buyers & sellers of traffic to quickly, safely, and easily generate leads, sales, and other forms of business with ease.

We feel that the process of generating and selling traffic within the Internet has been a largely cumbersome task filled with challenges on both fronts - from buyers unable to find quality traffic sources, to the sellers being unable to sell their traffic at fair market value.

Clixli is the answer the Internet industry has been waiting for - a social advertising network that aims to empower both parties to generate business through transparency & ease of use.

We invite you to become a part of the movement, and grow your business with us today!

Imran Maqbool,

After training as an architect in his hometown of London, UK and working with some of the world’s top architecture and engineering firms on the London 2012 Olympics; the 2010 construction recession forced Imran to take a different course in life, so he started to learn about online and affiliate marketing and traffic generation.

Since then he has gone from marketing newbie to marketing pro, building sales funnels which have generated over $50M in sales!

His mission is to put the ability to master traffic and build a successful online business into the hands of regular folk, not just the gurus and multi millionaire entrepreneurs who are already successful.

When he isn't at home in London, you can find Imran looking for wi-fi on a tropical beach somewhere in the world with his wife...

Michael Force,

Founder of Digital Altitude, the industry’s fastest growing and leading online marketing education company, Michael is a former U.S. Marine, who over the last 17 years has become an industry leading digital business expert, speaker and entrepreneur having built his first multi-million dollar business by the age of 27.

He has trained tens of thousands of students online and in person on stage, and has been a 7-figure producer in top-tier high ticket sales over the last 17 years as well as being a consultant to many of the leading companies in the high ticket arena.

After personally buying and selling millions of clicks over the last few years, Michael knows a little bit more about the traffic industry than most, and after asking Imran to help him build Digital Altitude from the ground up, he knew the next stage in revolutionising the industry was to build something like Clixli.

Michael resides in California with his wife and two young daughters. They love to travel and spend summers in France.

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